Toilet Amenities
Our vision concerning hospitality services does not revolve around a simple graphic design or selection of materials: it personifies the enhancement of thousands of aesthetic, artistic and social elements.

Due to this reason we always play with different elements combining them together.

The reason why many of our customers ask for consultancy about the global image they would like to convey, aware of our strength as co-creators of designs studied and realized for each kind of situation.

We create a ‘brand within a brand’ leaving a special mark are brand-makers: we create tailored brands for clients who aim to emerge leaving a special mark.

Pure Ved markets, suited articles for the hospitality world. From the creation of a range of products (shampoo, bath foam,body lotion etc) in cooperation with stylists and perfumers, from guestroom complements to promotional gifts.

The Pure Ved’s world is dynamic, always searching for new ideas to be transformed into items.