List of Blends
 Essential Oils Blend       Perfume Oils Blend
Sr.No. Product Name Description Properties Code
Aerate Eliminate unpleasant odours from your environment with Arotec
2 Aerate Strong Control powerful odours with Arotec Strong. Eliminate the strongest odours quickly, safely, and effectively, without the use of masking agents or perfumes. Rid the air of unpleasant aromas immediately. Control powerful odours with Arotec Strong.
3 Aerate Fresh Refresh your surrounds with Arotec Fresh, a highly effective room deodoriser with the pleasant subtle aroma of Guava Cucumber.
4 Anis Eucalyptus The clear, sharp aroma is cheering and reviving while possessing antibacterial and respiratory benefits.
5 Anti Bacterial The powerful Anti Bacterial is invigorating and refreshing blend has strong antibacterial properties and respiratory benefits.
6 Apple Fresh The lively aroma of a crisp green apple is evident in this fresh fragrance. Take a bite of the sweet Apple Fresh.
7 Bergamot Orange The sweet fruitiness of Bergamot Orange is reminiscent of fresh orange peel. This lively essential oil blend is uplifting and inspiring, motivating and pleasantly refreshing.
8 Black Orchid The clear earthy combination creates a soothing natural fragrance. This lightly medicinal aroma can help to relieve congestion and respiratory problems, while energizing body and mind.
9 Blissful Relax with the sweet floral balance of soothing Lavender with the herbaceous scents. Feel the warmth of spring with Purple Bloom
10 Blooming Fields Evocative of a blossoming bouquet or garden in bloom, surround yourself with the soft floral aroma of Flowerfields.
11 Board Room The herbaceous bittersweet combination is clarifying and centering. Use Meeting to stimulate concentration and invigorate mental activity
12 Bread The wonderful fragrance of Bread is evocative of hot buttered toast cooked to perfection.
13 Cardio Formulated to stimulate cardiovascular workouts arosport cardio is motivating and revitalising. Antibacterial and respiratory benefits help you to breath deeply, while the concentration properties aid your mental energy. Undertake aerobic exercise with this invigorating blend to improve your cardio workout and respiratory health.
14 Cardio Condition Uplifting and invigorating properties combine with the calming and focusing benefits. With stamina provided, arosport conditioning is motivating and strengthening, stimulating you to get the most out of your workout. Use this refreshing blend while excercising to promote vitality and reduce mental exhaustion
15 Cherry Blossom The immaculate beauty of Cherry Blossom is captured in this delicate floral aroma. Light and alluring, this fresh scent is reminiscent of the first blossoms of spring.
16 Chocolate Indulge in the richness of dark Chocolate with this delectable aroma. The ultimate treat for chocolate lovers.
17 Cinnamon Apple Delight in this sweet apple aroma with a hint of cinnamon spice. The scent of Cinnamon Apple is as mouth watering as a home baked apple pie.
18 Cleanse Make your atmosphere pure and clean with the refreshing, lemony aroma of Purifying. The zesty scents and the disinfectant properties in this cleansing essential oil blend.
19 Coconut Dream of an exotic escape with the luscious fragrance of sweet Coconut. Your private tropical island indulgence!
20 Coffee Pure Espresso? Cappuccino? Latte? Whatever your preference, Coffee Pure is reminiscent of good quality freshly brewed coffee
21 Cool Mint The minty fresh, woody aroma of Mint Sport is strengthening and elevating. Pure essential oils combine to stimulate and energize.
22 Cypress Sage Focus with the minty freshness. The cool, clear combination creates a vitalizing and centering blend.
23 Drive Time - Bergamot Orange The lively essential oil blend is uplifting and inspiring, creating a motivating and pleasantly refreshing environment in your car.
24 Drive Time - Citrus Fresh Create an invigorating atmosphere in your car with the refreshing and uplifting essential oil blend of vibrant Citrus Fresh.
25 Drive Time - Lavender Pine Create a wonderful floral earthy atmosphere in your car , a refreshing aroma with antibacterial and respiratory benefits.
26 Drive Time - Peppermint Refresh your car with the sweet menthol fragrance. Extremely refreshing and stimulating, this vitalizing blend may also assist with travel sickness
27 Eden Garden The wonderful scent of a fresh herb garden is on display in the lively fragrance Herb De Provence. Enjoy an intensely aromatic taste of Southern France with Provencal Herbs of thyme, basil, fennel, sage and lavender.
28 Energy The zesty fresh aroma of Cheerful Children is uplifting and refreshing. The sweet citrus blend of natural essential oils provides inspiration to lift your spirits.
29 Essencia The strong medicinal aroma of Hinoki Mist is highly therapeutic, helping to reduce tension and stress, while providing antibacterial benefits. It is refreshing, yet penetrating essential oil blend.
30 Estatic As it's name suggests, Exotic is a mysteriously sweet and fruity aroma. Create an alluring ambiance with this curious fragrance.
31 Eucalyptus Take the edge off the fresh sharpness in this cooling and stimulating essential oil blend. Breath deeply as the powerful decongestant properties support the respiratory system to combat the effects of cold and flu.
32 Euphoria The luscious and lively balance has a refreshing and uplifting aroma. Indulge in the exotically euphoric Lush Lime.
33 Fantasy The sweet, woody warmth of Dreamtime is relaxing and centering. Soothing essential oils help you to unwind for a peaceful nights sleep.
34 Fig Enticingly sweet, the intriguing warm fruity fragrance of Fig is characteristic of freshly picked sun ripened figs.
35 Frangipani ndulge with the delightful fragrance of Frangipani. Spoil yourself with this tropical and luxurious floral aroma.
36 Fresh Mint Invigorate your senses with a cool breeze of Instant Mint. The crisp combination is refreshing and cooling.
37 Green Grass The distinctive aroma of freshly cut grass is unmistakable. Fresh Grass is reminiscent of a newly mowed lawn in the summertime.
38 Green Tea Sencha is a wonderfully sweet, pleasant Green Tea aroma. Sencha is the most common type of green tea in Japan.
39 Guava Cucumber Tropical guava combines with the coolness of cucumber in the sweet fresh aroma of Guava Cucumber.
40 Honey Delight in the sweet natural aroma of pure Honey. As if straight from the hive, you can almost hear the bees buzzing.
41 Insect Repellent Invigorating and restoring. This pure essential oil blend is effective in deterring those annoying insects and is a chemical free, natural insect repellent. Anti Fly also has excellent decongestant and antibacterial properties.
42 Jasmine Spoil yourself with the exquisitely fragranced floral scent of soothing Jasmine. An irresistible indulgence.
43 Kiwi Enjoy the fresh sweet aroma of Kiwi. This rich scent is reminiscent of a ripe kiwifruit.
44 Lady In Red Radiant Red is an intensely sweet and fresh lively blend. The luminous warmth provided is sensual and uplifting
45 Lavender Eucalyptus A perfect balance between the sweet floral aroma of clear sharpness is calming and purifying essential oil blend. Soothing natural properties may assist in the temporary relief of headaches and ease the symptoms of respiratory complaints.
46 Lavender Pine The floral lightness combines with the fresh earthy scent. It is soothing essential oil blend, refreshing aroma with antibacterial and respiratory benefits.
47 Lime Zest Combine with the spicy woody scents. Yellow Zest is uplifting and cheering, like a sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.
48 Mango Devour the scent of a sweet ripe Mango with this delightful aroma. Create an almost edible atmosphere.
49 Meadow The delightful scent of Golden Garden is fresh, floral, sweet and fruity. The intriguing balance of essential oils is soothing and nurturing. Relax with this refreshing, calming blend and dream of a luxurious garden in bloom.
50 Melissa Eucalyptus Enjoy the invigorating and uplifting properties .The light, fresh lemony scent combines this radiant essential oil blend. Also known in one of the earliest known medicinal herbs
51 Mountain Fresh The fresh woody aroma combine with the body and warmth of Cedarwood in this refreshing fragrance. The elevating Mix for Airways is a soothing decongestant with antibacterial properties.
52 Nature Fresh The sweet floral scent combines with the clear and refreshing properties. Cyan Vibe is a cooling creation expressive of nature.
53 Orchard The distinctive earthy and spicy qualities are complimented by the soft floral scent of sensual. Elevating and refreshing, Green Groove is a breath of the forest.
54 Peace The sweet, floral balance is soothing and sensual. Relax with Calming essential oil blend when seeking peace and tranquillity.
55 Peach Apricot Sweet summery fruits of Peach and Apricot combine in this delicious fragrance.
56 Peppermint The sharp, sweet menthol fragrance is extremely refreshing and stimulating. The vitalizing blend of is a powerful decongestant and has antibacterial properties.
57 Pine Eucalyptus This invigorating and energizing blend combines natural essential oils . The fresh, woody provides antibacterial and respiratory benefits, while purifying your environment.
58 Pink Panther Lavish Pink captures an abundance of nature. Floral and woody scents combine in this soothing and comforting blend.
59 Positivity Look on the bright side with the invigorating and uplifting properties of Optimism. The intense, herbaceous combination is cleansing and rejuvenating.
60 Raspberry Create a vibrant atmosphere with the light sweetness of this inviting Raspberry aroma.
61 Red Rose Walk through a beautifully fragrant garden of roses in bloom with Rose Garden, a light floral aroma.
62 Relax Relaxing with a soothing essential oil blend. Thoughts evoking, purifying and nurturing.
63 Rhine Valley The crisp woody aroma of Pineforest is elevating and refreshing. The comforting balance creates a fresh blend reminiscent of nature.
64 Rose Imagine the fragrant perfume of a single red Rose with this delicate and pleasing scent.
65 Rosemary Eucalyptus The powerful combination is purifying and invigorating. Clear and penetrating, the herbaceous is clarifying and refreshing. Refocus with this stimulating essential oil blend.
66 Rosemary Pine A woody pine needle aroma with a hint of herbs. The clear penetrating combination is refreshing and invigorating, while providing antibacterial and respiratory benefits.
67 Sea Breeze Be reminded of the irresistible scent of the seaside. As fresh as a cool Ocean Breeze.
68 Sports Cooldown Calming essential oils blend with the focusing properties in arosport cooldown. Use this centering blend as part of your recovery and stretching routine as you relax and refocus after a healthy workout.
69 Spring Poem Surround yourself with the gorgeous floral fragrance of Springtime. A sophisticated scent of blossoms in spring.
70 Strawberry Enjoy the sublime aroma of freshly picked strawberries with this lovely sweet fragrance.
71 Sunrise Invigorating Mandarin is balanced by the bittersweet herbaceous presence of . Orange Glow is cheering and centering, with the warmth of a summer sunset.
72 Tangerine Clean, sharp, fresh and fruity, evocative of fresh citrus peel. This lively essential oil blend is uplifting and cheering, and is particularly useful during studies or when working at the computer for long periods.
73 Tangy Fresh The fresh, sweet citrus aromas combine in this revitalizing essential oil blend. The invigorating Citrus Fresh is refreshing and uplifting, creating a blissful atmosphere.
74 Thundering Clouds Relax and soothe your senses with the refreshing, earthy combination.Cool Grey is a breath of fresh air.
75 Twilight Essential oils combined with the sharp freshness in this crisp blend. Horizon creates an uplifting and invigorating atmosphere.
76 Uplifting The delicate balance is sensual and refreshing. The floral and fruity Arolife is uplifting and inspiring.
77 Vanilla Indulge in the divine sweetness of Vanilla. This wonderfully smooth aroma is very popular in product promotion and sensory branding or simply use it to enhance your atmosphere
78 Whispering Winds The stimulating combination is invigorating and revitalising essential oil blend. The antibacterial and decongestant properties of Easy Breeze can help to ease the symptoms of respiratory complaints.
79 White Cloud Clear your head with a walk in the Australian Bush. Pleasant woody and floral aromas combine in this comforting essential oil blend. Create a harmonious environment with the calming and centering Walkabout.
80 White Spirit The rich satisfying arrangement is refreshing and rejuvenating. Linden Leaf is a comforting sensual aroma.
81 Wood Amaze in this earthy woody aroma and release the purest fragrance of Wood.
82 Woodlands Arobactra is a fascinating balance between the woody, earthy aromas, the strong lemony scents, the intensely sweet and spicy. The freshness and unique essential oil antibacterial blend is cleansing and refreshing, while comforting and soothing.
83 X'mas The fresh, woody, Christmas is warming and comforting, evoking thoughts of the festive season.
Legend (Properties)
Anti Bacterial
Insect Repellent
Odor Removal