PureVed Advantage
Since the beginning, we have been focused on creating and continually improving the most sophisticated method of delivering superior quality scents without any adverse effects on health and safety.

The key to the success of our scenting solution lies in Natarom’s patented micro-droplet technology. The performance advantage of these tiny droplets, is huge. Very simply, our technology enables the creation of a scent that floats in the air providing consistent, clean, pleasing scent. Our Nano droplets distribute scent evenly and effectively throughout any space using the lowest concentration of air treatment agent, typically less than one part per million. We deliver scent without saturating an area, or depositing it on surfaces, potentially harming merchandise or creating health issues.

The droplets are produced with very low pressure and no heat, ensuring that the original chemical compound, or the scent, is not altered in any way. The scent selected for an environment and brand is what is delivered throughout the space. There aren’t any hotspots where the scent is over-whelming or other areas where it can’t be detected. The droplet is delivered into the air without the use of potentially harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as propellants, ensuring that the scent desired is delivered all the time, everywhere.

Systems can be integrated with your AHU/TFA/FCU/HVAC system or operate stand-alone. Our technicians will program the appliances to control flow rate so scent is delivered consistently throughout the day compensating for traffic patterns and peak hours.