Hotel Guest Rooms, Hallways and Elevators
Smoking rooms are usually organized by floor. The guest rooms and the hallways are significant malodour areas. Cleaning a smoking room thoroughly does not necessarily eliminate the residual odour of cigarette smoke and tars which have deposited on all the exposed surfaces in the room including tough to clean spots like porous ceiling tiles and fabrics. The surfaces of hallways on smoking room floors are not cleaned daily and are always a source of malodour as well. Aerosol spraying of fragrance in the guest room lasts only a few hours and does nothing to address malodour in the hallway. The guest room elevators also pick up malodours from the smoking room floors and other sources.

PURE ved's Odour Remediation for air treatment via the HVAC system can eliminate malodour in the hallways. Particle injection directly into the elevator shafts has proven highly successful in eliminating odours in elevators. If the hallway is the fresh air source for the guest room, it may be possible to address guest room malodour with the service for the hallway. If not, PURE ved's Hygiene appliances can be built into the cartridge air conditioner of the guest room for always-on odour remediation